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New service provided: Neuropathy Treatment

neuropathic_ulcer.jpgWhat is neuropathy?

Neuropathy comes from the combination of the words "neuro" meaning nerve, and "pathy" meaning disease or damage. This is a silent degenerative disease of secondary to diabetes and chemotherapy.


Numbness, tingling, burning, sharp shooting pain in the feet that might radiate up to the legs. Not being able to detect the difference in floor textures, not being able to feel the steps as one descends or ascends-not being able to determine whether one is applying the gas or the brake pedal are also symptoms of this disease. The reason this disease is so dangerous is a lot of people that have this condition do not know that they have it.  This can lead to burns, ulcers and amputations.


Currently, the treatment for this disorder are drugs such as Lyric and gabapentin.  This doesn't cure the disease, it just masks the symptoms. 

Now there is a treatment that is non-invasive, and has restored the sensation and function to those that suffer with this disease. 

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