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"Our family is pleased to recommend Dr. Andre to care for the feet of bedridden persons. She responded immediately, visited within 24 hours, treated the ulcer on my Mom's heel, recommended products to help prevent future problems, and provided samples of products to keep us stocked while we ordered and waited for the delivery of specialized wound care products. She is extremely caring and competent, and actually visited our home a second time at no additional charge. This foot saving care well exceeded the fee for her service. She was a God send for my 90 year old mother. "

Imani K.


Thank you so much for taking care of my Dad! He was absolutely thrilled and, to my surprise, he thoroughly appreciated the treatment.

Coincidentally, when I mentioned your name and business to my wife, she remembered you from performing the same services for her Dad. ...your treatment services were well received. SO consider yourself as part of the family(LoL).

G. W.


"Dr Andre was a voice of reason when my mother was getting conflicting advice and treatment for her poor leg circulation and non healing wounds. Not only did Dr Andre help my mother heal but her advice and guidance resulted in timely surgical and non surgical procedures that saved my mothers foot from probable amputation. Thank you so much !"

-Erica L.


Dr. Andre visited my mother-in-law at our home since she is bedridden. She kindly fit our visit into her schedule for a same day appointment. She was extremely pleasant, professional and thorough. My mother-in-law was made to feel very comfortable and confident in our decision to contact Dr. Andre. Everything was stress free and explained to us thoroughly. we would highly recommend Dr. Andre to other people. "

-Monica B


For several years I had a bothersome pain in my left knee. I asked my doctor in 2004 about what I could do about the popping in my knees. He said that looking into that was like chasing smoke, nothing could be done, maybe one day I'd need knee surgery.

But just last year I met Doctor Hayse, a Podiatrist. She checked my feet and prescribed orthodics that fit into my shoes instead of the regular insoles that come with them. She was kind and explained things so I could understand and billed my insurance. It was a hassle free process. And what's best, I am thankful to Doctor Hayse because I no longer have knee pain, I am at the gym nealy everyday of the week with no problem. My knees no longer pop, make noise or hurt. Thank you Doctor Hayse, you've helped me tremendously.

Jimmy Munoz, MDiv
Seabrook, MD

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